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I am looking to expand into the West Palm Beach area. I am hoping to find:

1 - An advisor who is ready to leave the industry and wants to sell the practice.
2 - An advisor that wants to join/merge with us and become part of our expansion plan.
3 - An existing RIA that would like to add two advisors and is okay with the hybrid model we operate.

About us-

We are a smaller New Hampshire based practice with an attached insurance practice. We've been in business for a shade over 15 years and have a broker dealer arrangement with Cambridge (not willing to change that) and serve as advisory reps for the Cambridge RIA (ARE willing to change that). We are independent both in our securities as well as insurance practices.

We manage primarily through brokerage accounts, utilizing a blend of individual equities, convertible preferred stocks and exchange traded notes.

Our insurance practice works in both the group benefits space, as well as providing life, disability, Medicare and LTC for individuals.

We are fairly creative partners, so if you think this sounds interesting but can't see how it would work, call me. We may be able to figure it out.

That being said, if you think YOUR broker dealer is awesome and want to try to recruit us, please don't waste your time. If you think you can merge us into your fee only RIA and talk us into divesting the insurance practice, that too will be a waste of your time. And we already have a succession plan figured out, so we are also not interested in selling you our practice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short novel. If you are any kind of reasonable fit, I hope to hear from you soon.

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