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Financial Sense Wealth Management is an investment management and financial planning firm with a hybrid RIA model. We own our own broker-dealer which enables us to be unhindered by large company mechanics that would want to fit our clients in a box. We look outside the box and often pick investment themes well ahead of the mainstream. We are sophisticated fixed income investors that with a focus in primary offerings where our clients get in at the ground floor on deals. We have relationships with 30+ bond dealers with an eye for price improvement on trades. We understand and work well with retirees, but have spent the last year moving to our next target market of 401ks. Our focus has always been client-first with a financial education program like no other that includes 3.5 hours of weekly podcast content, quarterly newsletters, weekly articles, and interviews and connections with market mavens - many of which provide their research to our firm.

We're looking for high caliber advisers who do financial planning and understand the market. An adviser that also is the portfolio manager would benefit from our research and economic models. We are looking to use Succession link to make the connections that make sense for us. We are currently targeting California, Nevada, and Arizona.

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