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Established Investment Advisor rep with extensive experience in financial planning, sales/trading, portfolio analytics and management seeking an Advisor(s) looking to transition/ sell out of their practice. Given that the business is highly relationship driven, it would be in everyone's best interest that a transition takes place over a defined period of time. I am very open to the existing product set in place, current broker-dealer and the technologies/ reporting being used within the practice/ book.

My background includes working at the wirehouses, RIA's and in an alternative investment setting: LP. I received my MBA from Babson College in 2017 and have extensive knowledge working with business owners and licensed professionals: MD's, Esq's, CPA's. My track record is clean! I have never had a mark or complaints to any regulatory agency.

I'm a serious buyer, with dealmaking experience, and have a target close of November 1st, 2019. I am looking to run a transparent and clean deal process: IOI within 10 days of first meeting, LOI within 10 days of receiving firm/ book financials, 120 day (at the most) diligence period. My Advisor's: CPA's and attorneys are deal professionals for a living and work in the Greater Boston area. If you do not have legal representation we will be happy to refer you to someone in the local market that can assist in the deal.

Please shoot me a note and we can set up a phone call to see if we're a good fit. Thank you.

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