We have been advising clients for almost three decades, myself and the team have partnered with clients in developing investment strategies which support their unique investment goals. Financial clarity, appropriate investment choices and ultimately peace of mind for our clients are the results of our efforts. For Antonetti Capital, it all begins with a personal commitment to craft an investment and financial plan which supports the financial goals of each client.

Antonetti Capital Management LLC is obligated to act in the best interests of our clients – not in the moment, but at all times. We add an extraordinary level of personalized service and customization to our relationship-driven business model.

Our investment management philosophy is simple. The trust of a client can only be earned. That is our motivation. We operate based upon the simplest beliefs – do what’s best for our clients. Our first priority is to protect our clients’ money by staying with the spectrum of acceptable risk based on the clients specified risk tolerance.

We are eager to speak with likeminded advisors who share our core values and client culture who are looking to transition away from the business by way of continuity planning, succession planning or an outright sale. Since year 2010, we have successfully completed over five mergers and acquisitions.

Our offices are located in Naples, FL & St Petersburg, FL serving clients throughout FL and the Northeast, Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic regions. Finally, our custodial relationships include Schwab & Fidelity.

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