New RIA seeking an acquisition while I build organic business. I am a licensed Investment Advisor Representative with 10 years of experience as a portfolio manager for private and institutional clients (I manage a '40 Act Fund in addition to individuals). My time as an investment manager builds upon prior 10 years experience coaching HNW individuals in a different arena. I offer both custom portfolio management tailored to individual clients, and proprietary investment strategies that scale for multiple clients. Experience is in stock selection (multiple mandates), ETFs, mutual funds, options, fixed income (pooled and individual) and alts. My central belief is that passive and active each have their time and place (passive is not the end all be all), and therefore have flexibility to tailor investment plans individually. However, my priority to ensure a smooth transition for clients is continuity, by maintaining any investment plan that has made for happy, loyal clients. I work with clients of all ages and objectives, including HNW. I enjoy comprehensive financial planning including budgeting, tax and estate planning.

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