Columbus Advisors is an independent investment advisory firm affiliated with Securities America. We value the independent experience and pride ourselves on being a service-oriented firm with a strong planning focus for our clients. Our office is located at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. We are a comprised of three generations of advisors and an administrative staff of four. We are also principles of a small OSJ with five detached representatives in the greater Bay Area.

We are looking to connect with other advisors that are looking to find a succession partner either immediately or over time. We have had five successful acquisitions over the past ten years. One of the reasons for our success with advisors transitioning out of the business is that each one has been unique, tailor-made for the advisor’s wants and needs. With our technology, client-focused service model, and experience transferring clients’ trust over time from one advisor to another, over 90% of clients’ assets and firm income have been preserved, and grown 100% of the time. We hope to start a conversation with you soon.

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