I am building/starting an RIA. I have been in the industry as a research analyst/portfolio manager for over 20 years. I am looking to potentially join up with someone who is considering reducing their time spent/thinking about retirement in the next five years. I could help generate new business in addition to servicing existing clients and potentially work on transitioning/buying the firm.

I am also able to leverage my research ability for any firm that needs help in researching stocks, asset classes, etc. I have a track record of outperforming the markets (my benchmarks) over my investment career.

I hope to use this site to connect with firms where I can help them by adding value. I can add value as well on a consulting basis, for example performing research for the firm, either to recommend stocks or allocations; can provide much more in depth knowledge in specific sectors/names. Could also act as a product specialist for a firm.

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