Our RIA and associated Financial Planning started in 2005. We currently add about 50 million dollars of new business each year. We are retirement planning focused with 99% of our clients over 52. We do extensive investment allocation planning following the Endowment model as it is appropriate to each individual client. We do income planning with yearly income and source listed to age 95 with our proprietary software. We address the healthcare needs of our retirees and do very extensive tax planning for our clients and include that in legacy planning. Each new client is presented their "own Plan for Everything" that is not cookie cutter but unique to each clients goals and needs. Our goals are not to be competitive with the highest growth possible but to do asset protection, income planning for life and allow our clients to not worry about their financial needs. We have 17 team members with 5 advisors and operation, marketing and administration members to provide a very smooth environment. Our team includes one CFP(r), three MBAs in Finance, three University of Tennessee Torch Fund members, and a former Hedge Fund Manager. We have a very talented and trained team in place to grow our business dramatically.

We hope to grow by acquisition of RIA clients that we can serve and help as we do our current clients. We are soundly capitalized, experienced and with client service, technology and uncorrelated investment options in place to serve many new clients. Our minimum new client must have $250,000 of investment assets or more, and a vast majority do.

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