I have a hybrid practice (IAR/RIA) that focuses on working with those clients that have fewer than 10 years until retirement. I specialize in working with those families looking for help in planning the transition to their post-career lives. While investment management is part of the work I do for clients, it encompasses less than 20% of the time I spend working for them. I look to make a financial impact on my client's lives by tackling the issues our industry doesn't. I do engage my clients in the planning process as a decision making tool but not as a deliverable.

I grow my practice through educational workshops (not product seminars) and referrals. I have spent five years cultivating a reputation in the financial education space. I have the system and resources in place to continue to grow this area of my practice.

I am looking for either a solo advisor or an advisor looking to break away from a larger firm. Ideally this individual would have a philosophy similar to mine when it comes to growing a practice and working with clients. Ideally I want to find somebody that is good at working the front end setting up educational workshop opportunities, taking prospects through the planning process on the back end and sharing in the non-client facing tasks.

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