SWMG, LLC is a small boutique RIA firm located in in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. We specialize in retirement planning, asset management and estate planning. Our typical client is age 60+ and is either close to retiring or already retired. We provide comprehensive planning to all of our clients on an ongoing basis and utilize eMoney as our planning software. We clear through TD Ameritrade Institutional but can utilize any custodian. Orion is our reporting software. We use institutional models and a proprietary investment evaluation review system to provide 5 star portfolio management to our clients. Our advisors are CFP®s and we have had our staff for many years. We do monthly retirement workshops as well has host a radio show for marketing. We are growing through acquisition and would like to retain any staff and advisors as we grow. For advisors looking to retire, we offer a retire over time pathway for those who wish to work part time and ease into retirement. We are are Texas natives with strong Christian values and a belief in putting the client first. We look forward to working with you.

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