We are an independent asset and wealth manager and solutions provider, catering to those advisors who want to deliver a unique and exclusive range of product offerings to their clients. Originally founded as a global advisory business, we entered into the TAMP market by acquiring the assets of Lindner Capital Advisors, a TAMP with over 25 years of experience in the marketplace.

We strive to be the premier resource for innovative investment solutions for independent advisors, family offices, wealth managers, trusts, private banks and broker dealers. Founded by financial market professionals with decades of institutional, wealth management and private banking experience and led by a management team and senior support staff with deep knowledge of the Turnkey Asset Management space, we gives advisors key competitive advantages with a client-driven support ecosystem and robust product offering, allowing advisors to engage with clients with a wide range of differentiated investment options.

With an active European advisory business and a presence in the UK, Spain and Germany alongside its US presence, we are unique in its access to value-adding investment opportunities both in the US and abroad. These elite investment offerings are carefully chosen and curated to allow advisors to upstream their practice and focus on the ultra-high net worth, corporate, and other affluent investor market.

Our investment philosophy is undergirded by a disciplined and highly detailed selection process, across asset classes and ranging from DFA core portfolios, ETFs, SMAs and UMAs, to Private Equity and Real Estate as well as globally-focused alternative investments. We help advisors to deliver a diversified portfolio construction offering in order to seek enhanced returns. This approach, which is highly specific to each advisor and client, is coupled with specialized investment strategies and covers the full spectrum of investment goals - from risk-averse asset preservation to growth-focused alpha generation - with one overriding aim; to help advisors deliver an exceptional and unique offering to their clients.

Our platform is designed to enable advisors to stand above their competition by accessing our customized portfolios and to focus on relationship management and new client acquisition. This allows them to concentrate their efforts on growing their asset base, revenue and profitability. Our platform provides a wide array of custom reporting, operations, billing and portfolio management solutions, as well as practice management, white-labeled client presentations, and a full range of sales and service support.

We are interested in making selective acquisitions in the RIA space by either, 1) attracting new RIAs onto the platform, 2) acquiring practices and books of business, 3) acquiring part of a practice while allowing the owner to retain equity and participate in the upside.

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