For the Advisor that is looking to:

You are a great advisor, you are just hitting a ceiling of complexity
which you need to break through to reach exponential growth
on the other side. As you grow your practice you will predictably
run into the hurdles of building a business:
• Developing a referable client service model
• Developing systems and processes that deliver a premium client experience
• Attracting, developing, and retaining top talent
• Innovative and effective marketing campaigns
• Managing risk in an evolving regulatory environment
• Expanding products and services that cater to your target market

Our team will take all the things off your plate that are not your highest dollar per hour activities. You can focus your time on good case work, meeting clients, and acquiring new clients.

Case Study:
A successful advisor left a captive firm that did not allow him to bring clients with him in 2014. After coming on board with HS&C Wealth Management he was able to partner with our marketing team, CPAs, and retiring advisors to grow a practice that is projected to end 2020 with $85MM AUM and $600k GDC, while on pace to acquire 40 new clients. He is currently in the process of transitioning clients to a younger advisor so that he can continue to focus on catering to high net worth families.

Our business is unique in that we help people achieve the goals they spend their entire life working towards. During this time we build deep and meaningful friendships with our clients that last a lifetime. It is a very fulfilling career that is difficult to retire from. We have extensive experience in helping advisors transition into retirement while maintaining their legacy and maximizing the value of their practice. Our team will take all the things off your plate that you do not enjoy doing which allows you to focus on providing expert advice to your clients. You will have access to highly trained and ethical next generation advisors to introduce your clients to over time. You determine how much and which clients you want to work with as you transition into retirement while knowing your clients will be well taken care of.

Case Study: An advisor was concerned about having a succession plan in place. His goal was to slow down over the next 5 years while making sure his clients were in good hands before retiring. That advisor chose to defer a sale and merge his equity into HS&C equal to the full value of his practice. He relied on the support team to free up time while introducing his clients to next generation advisors over the following years. With freed up time and the ability to work from anywhere, he began spending more time at his home down south. He chose to work a year longer than he originally planned. The last two years of working he was able to spend half of his time at his vacation home while working with 85 client groups. 98% of his client relationships successfully transitioned. His valuation increased from $762,415 to $1,571,431 over this time. He is happily receiving payment for his equity….Unfortunately, the much talked about improvement to his golf game failed to materialize.


You can focus your time on good case work, meeting clients, and acquiring new clients. We have a fully equipped team that can provide best-in-class support that includes:
• A dedicated Client Service Specialist that supports you through client scheduling, meeting preparation, and meeting follow-up
• Investment research
• Implementing trade recommendations
• Financial plan analysis and preparation
• Virtual meeting technology and support
• Proven marketing plan development and execution
• Partnership with 75 tax and business professionals
• Partnering with top tier next generation and retiring advisors

We seek to simplify our client’s financial lives by providing an experienced advisor who is caring and knowledgeable of choices available in a complex world. We strive to enrich our clients through close collaboration with their professional advisors.

Our approach to financial planning and advice is what makes us different. We establish a personal relationship with clients, develop an
understanding of their dreams and goals, and commit to working in their best interest. As an HS&C financial advisor, you’ll be able to
support clients through a long-term financial planning relationship by helping them:
• Leverage and address the opportunities that come with each life milestone
• Find and close the gaps that could prevent them from achieving their goals
• Plan for their goals and make decisions that are based on an integrated view of their financial life today and in the future
• Address the more complex and meaningful areas of their financial life as their goals and circumstances change
• Track their progress and make adjustments to their plans as their goals change

Our eight convenient locations:
• Downtown Grand Rapids
• Grand Rapids - West
• Fremont
• Greenville
• Mt. Pleasant
• Rockford
• Muskegon
• Big Rapids


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