Prudent Financial Planning provides comprehensive financial planning services. I mainly work with young professionals but have clients with ages ranging from 25-85. I am a fee-only CFP(r) with 20 years of experience in Financial Services. I have a broad range of experience ranging from trading options, preparing tax returns, student loans, life insurance analysis (I don't sell any products as I am fee-only), estate planning topics, investing, cash flow, and more. My main area of weakness is marketing and just spreading the word about the work I do. I am excited to come to work everyday and help my clients but I have found it hard to grow my practice organically. Therefore, I am hoping to learn more about buying another practice or merging with an existing practice in a way that still provides me with the autonomy I have come to enjoy. One type of opportunity that would be of particular interest would be to join an existing practice with a clearly defined succession plan for me to take over the business in a situation that offered a generous buy-out option.

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