We typically find clients, or they find us, as they are nearing/entering retirement.

We take a holistic planning approach, and advise clients on income, investments, tax reduction/elimination, healthcare, and estate planning.

If they are 60 years old, typically, using the Rule of 100, we keep 40 in AUM, either aggressive growth, or in a low-volatility bond portfolio, but sometimes something in between.

The other 60% typically goes to fixed insurance products.

Usually something like 54% to fixed indexed annuities, 6% to fixed indexed universal life (IRA to IUL, for tax planning purposes).

We are Series 65 fiduciaries, so this varies by clients' needs and situations.

We have 2 IARs, age 47 and 34.

We'd like to buy a book of AUM, maybe $10MM to $20MM, either from an IAR or from an RIA.

If an RIA, we won't buy the RIA (the corporation), we'll only buy the AUM itself.

It just makes things cleaner, as we don't take-on any legacy liabilities from the past actions of the RIA (corporation) and/or it's IARs.

When it comes to larger AUM books that might be too large for us to acquire, we may be interested in purchasing only those households that are nearer our office, or only those that are 50-60 years old, or something like that.

So, you might sell the rest of your book to another buyer who's further from us, or maybe you want to keep a handful of clients for yourself.

We custody at TD and at Fidelity.

We use evidence-based investing when it comes to AUM, so the clients we onboard aren't going to hear a bunch of Jim Cramer-isms from us.

When we take on a client, we aim to keep them for the rest of their lives, and to help them through everything that's ahead of them, especially the things that they're going to experience that they aren't at all expecting.

We keep in regular contact with our clients, consistently adding educational opportunities to them, and we have client events that help them form new friendships with other clients, if they so choose.

We are not transactional, we are relationship-focused.

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