We built our firm over 13 years ago to provide world class money management to our clients while delivering best in class back office support, compliance and customer service for the independent RIA. We are vertically integrated from Attorney's, to CPA's, to licensed Insurance agents on staff to help with any need the client may have.

We're looking to acquire and or partner with CPA's, Estate Planning, Independent insurance agencies or RIA's. We're also have clients that are looking to purchase a P&C practice. We're always open to acting as Advisor Succession Plan, have just purchased a old Regions Bank and have office space available if needed.

We are fee-based only management which places us on the same side as clients with a obvious incentive to grow the asset base. We surround our clients with a team of professionals that they come to know and depend on for all their financial needs. We like to incorporate attorneys into the mix to provide a full suite of Trust/Estate Planning needs as well as accounting/tax services.

The context and technical approaches to portfolio management have undergone a rapid transition over the past decade as computer technology has unleashed a wealth of technical information resources. New technologies have helped to establish innovative modes of auditing, accounting, computer automation, tracking and workflow management.

From the very start, we began writing an algorithm to monitor the daily moves of the market, manage against risk and ensure diversification. Currently our proprietary algorithm is over 30,000 lines of code and growing. We have created six different levels of risk and assign one to each client. These algorithms constantly monitor each level of risk with every client position in market thereby removing all emotion from market fluctuations. We continually add new algorithms to adjust to the ever-changing market dynamics, explore and develop new and innovative ways to increase efficiency as well as provide greater service to clients and partners. Additionally, with our institutional back office we offer block trading with every client position plus unprecedented access and transparency in everything we do; 24/7.

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