Specialized portfolios that will invest in the stock market in companies such as Apple, Amazon, real estate funds, emerging markets, ESG investments, or American treasury bonds for the most conservative, mainly via ETFS.

The founders of the company focused on creating something disruptive, a simple solution, with low management fees, without the need for a large number of forms, offering a system where applications and signatures are completed directly on the phone, with more than 12 Investment strategies that are established on the risk profile of each client and based on the economic metrics of each company or funds in which it is going to invest and finally creating diversified portfolios of a global nature.

Interactive Brokers· ("IB") will be the execution broker, clearing broker, and custodian for accounts managed by U.S Cherry. Orders will be directed through Marsco Investment Corporation, which serves as a fully disclosed introducing broker to Interactive Brokers ("IB").

Under friends and family we hope to initiate with 10 million in AUM.

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