Fortis Capital Advisors provides investors with a wide range of investments options: Global, Domestic, International and Emerging Market. These strategies can be used individually or aggregated together through a wide range of asset allocation methodologies. I build a portfolio that takes into account what’s going on in the world and understand your individual needs. Our advisors continue to monitor your portfolio, utilizing our in-depth market research and analysis to keep your finances working for you.

When you see markets differently, you think differently about investing and you live your life differently. Discover how qualified advice can improve your investment experience. My advisors deliver a white glove level of service to their clients that help them reach their goals and create a legacy for generations.

I have experience acquiring firms and helping advisors create and implement efficient & customized succession plans that keep the client at the center of the practice. We understand that sellers have spent a lifetime building a practice and the successful handoff of that practrice is critical. We are well capitalized, have strong bank ties, as well as private equity relationships that make us a strong candidate that can get deals done quickly and effectively.

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