One common reason people leave their financial advisor is lack of consistent investment performance and reporting. We understand why….if you pay a professional to manage your money, shouldn’t they be able to document their track record?

Corporations and institutions expect that. That’s why they require their investment managers to be accountable for investment results and to use independently verified investment reporting. Strangely, this same level of transparency is rarely provided to individuals and families.

At Arroyo, we believe clients deserve to know exactly how well their money is being managed at all times. So we provide clients with the facts you need to monitor our performance: GIPS®-compliant independently verified performance results (learn more).

Arroyo is one of only about 1,600 firms of the hundreds of thousands of investment firms worldwide that hold ourselves accountable for the quality of advice we provide to our clients. The vast majority of these firms provide service only to corporations and institutions, but we believe this is also important for individuals and families.

We also realize that while investment results are important, other aspects of wealth management matter, too. More information on our firm can be found on our website at ___

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