We are seeking opportunities to acquire or merge into our team another advisor or team of advisors. We have successfully acquired and onboarded two advisors previously. Our team, technology, and processes are such that we can help grow an existing client base, improve results for advisors, and develop staff members. Demonstrated track record of servicing clients remotely.

Our RIA practice is located outside of Washington, D.C. We take an ensemble approach, classifying all clients as clients of the firm. Because of that, we have a strong focus on building and constantly improving our processes. We want to make sure each client achieves consistency in the level of service, no matter who on our team they are working with. Our team is comprised of:
• Four advisors
• A CFA running the Investments team,
• A Director of Operations running Compliance oversight, back-office reporting, team management,
• A Director of Marketing focused on our voice and brand,
• A Client Service team, made up of three members dedicated to client service and relationship management,
• An Office manager concentrated on Office Administration, HR, Benefits, and Performance Evaluations.
• An Administrative Receptionist in charge of scheduling and auditing all client review meetings, along with other supporting tasks.

Our credentials include: CPA*, CFP, CFA, CLTC, CIMA®, APMA®
Our approach to our service is heavily focused on high touch and making sure we are walking our clients through their financial lives. We combine comprehensive financial planning with strategic investment management to help our clients achieve their goals.
We believe in building great relationships. Our technical proficiency is second-to-none, but building long-term relationships grounded in mutual respect and trust is our top priority. Once we really get to know our clients, and they come to know us, there is a genuine bond that develops and grows deeper over time.
Our clients come from a broad range of backgrounds. They include successful professionals, physicians, influential females, business owners, individuals, and families. What our clients have in common is the desire for a trusted relationship with a professional who is proactive, thoughtful, and committed to helping them achieve their financial goals. Our clients also happen to be some of the nicest people we know.


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