Our Purpose:
Prentice Wealth Management was founded in 2008 to connect client needs with solutions in an unbiased environment free of proprietary influence. In today's competitive financial services industry, most firms have myriad products and services at their fingertips. However, many institutions are bound by or biased toward selling proprietary financial products, magnifying the need for honest and unbiased advice. PWM was established as a solution to such conflicts of interest. A wholly independent wealth management practice, you can trust your PWM Wealth Manager to be objective, work in your best interest and implement your plan with best-in class solutions.

Our comprehensive relationships, established upon a foundation of professional competency and transparency, are combined with a fiduciary commitment beyond what is commonly experienced within the financial services industry.

Our Vision:
Our business has placed clients' best interest at the forefront of every decision since inception, embracing the fiduciary standard nearly a decade prior to the industry as a whole. By retaining a select group of advisers in counsel to a limited number of clients, we are deeply engaged and deliver a world class wealth management experience. We continue to develop our team by adding talent and capabilities to enhance client services.

Our Values:
The foundation of support for the Prentice Wealth Management vision rests in our conviction to a set of core values that are considered inviolate. These simple, yet powerful beliefs set the "rules of conduct" that shape the culture of our firm.

Our Clients:
Our firm is privileged to have numerous relationships dating back over two decades. Through our comprehensive wealth management process, we deliver quality, unbiased advice based on time-tested principles to a broad array of clients. We serve clients throughout the United States and internationally that value a partner dedicated to their financial security. Our clients include:

Multi-generational families
Entrepreneurs & business owners
Real estate developers
Corporate executives
Non-profits, endowments and foundations

Our Why:
“We believe that everyone should have an equal playing field in the pursuit of financial security. Regardless of background, education, or wealth status, we believe you can achieve a stable future. We challenge industry standards by providing guidance and expertise for all that life throws at you. We do this by being more than just great wealth managers, we become a vital partner for all your life decisions.”

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