Are you insightful and open minded enough to be curious about the enormous opportunities presented by the Wealth Solutions Division of a extraordinarily highly respected and fully independent community bank in East Central Pennsylvania? After very successful stints as a Financial Consultant at ML, a Branch Manager at MS and a successful and profitable exit from from my equity in an independent RIA which I was instrumental in growing to approximately $4B in AUM, I was curious. What I found (quite by accident) was an opportunity far beyond that which I perceived as the "Broker in a Bank" model. For example, we have partnered with Fidelity to run our 401(k) business and Envestnet for Financial Planning and other resources. In fact, our Nationally Chartered Trust Company, Asset Management Segment and Wealth Management Segments are now under my purview. In my short time here, we have purchased the assets of 2 Trust Companies. We are currently in various stages of the diligence process in our consideration of purchasing a number of RIAs. My mandate is to grow these businesses both organically and by acquisition. We are specifically looking to acquire firms and individuals who subscribe to the Fiduciary Model of providing Investment Advice, have built or are building a primarily fee based business and are committed to incorporating Financial Planning into the mix. If you, or one or more of your employees, are a CFP or CFA or have other relevant credentials, that is a plus. Most important is that I am looking for individuals and firms who will understand and fit our culture. Our geographic area of interest is primarily Lancaster and Southern Chester Counties in Pennsylvania. And one more thing, I have significant Advisor transitions ongoing with the 3 segments. This could present some interesting opportunities for the right individual(s). If you are curious, send me note and we will see where it goes. Thanks.

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