Every life has a story. Every person has a purpose. Wealth is more than money. We take this view with our clients and we extend that to you. You built your practice on your philosophies, your credibility, your experience. Tell us your story so we can know best how to honor it as we work with you through an acquisition.

The Pence family has been involved in Financial Advisory Services for over 30 years. By serving over 1000 families, we learned a lot about what works well and what doesn’t. Those lessons combined with our military heritage inspired us to build a process. We thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to capture all our best lessons learned in one company?” In 2018, we created Pence Financial Group, LLC (PFG or Pence) to do just that. Though a relatively new company, PFG, is not new in experience, philosophy, or knowledge.

PFG was created around best practices and a heritage of service. We not only relied on our own experiences, but on that of many experts as well, to create, build, and sustain processes centered around one theme: customer service. We use a team approach and technology, when appropriate, to help amplify a great customer experience. We call our approach, the P3 Formula. This process helps ensure your clients are properly cared for.

How is PFG the Acquirer of Choice
The Deal
Price is only one component in an acquisition. We want to give you a fair price and address your concerns and goals. Our guiding principle is: “If it’s not a good deal for everyone, it’s not a good deal for anyone.”

The Transition
We specialize in “Variable Speed Transitions.” We can transition you out quickly, or, let you have a “long good-bye” with a reduced work load. It’s up to you. If you want to be part of the PFG team for the long term, we can work that out, too. We also want to honor any special relationships you have with clients, their family, and their business, and with your vendors, and employees. Discuss your concerns with us. We’ll work with you to try to ensure those relationships stay intact.

We help ease the change for you and your clients. We recognize that you know your clients best. Together we will finalize a “Transition Plan” that will guide us both through the move and help us take care of your clients.

Long Term View/Multi-generational Client Care
You worked hard to gain the trust of your clients and we want to ensure that endures. We take a “long view” when it comes to client care, looking beyond retirement to multigenerational gifting. We hand-pick our advisors for their skills and we require they possess a servant’s heart to ensure clients feel valued and that we are with them all the way. Our time-tested processes are used by highly experienced advisors that have been recognized in the industry. Our advisors also have a support team to help them better serve clients. If a client’s advisor is on vacation, someone is still available to answer their questions.

A History of Wealth Creation and Protection Strategies
With over 30 years of wealth management experience, we understand the complexities in helping to preserve and manage wealth through retirement and beyond to multigenerational gifting. Our Investment Team undertook the time and expense to be compliant with The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) and our compliance was independently verified through an audit performed by ACA Beacon, one of the top GIPS compliance verification firms in the country. This allows us to show our investment performance so that you can judge our efficacy for yourselves.

Trusted Brand
The Pence family has been in this business for over 30 years. They have been lauded in Forbes and Barron’s and are often asked by both television and print media to weigh in on market changes. Assets are in the custody of LPL Financial, a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company and a leading broker dealer of financial products.

We hope to find potential acquisitions that fit our culture.

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