We are a full-service wealth management and financial planning firm with $600 million AUM, with a single-family office backing us with locations in Texas and Connecticut. We are building a world-class private wealth management firm with a client-first mentality. We are looking to acquire or have other Firms/Advisors join our practice to build the business utilizing our core principle of putting the client first.
We can help you grow your firm while offering a premier platform to your clients. We can provide the opportunity to grow your AUM and be part of a larger, more flexible organization.
We have an established platform comprising compliance, back-office support, a technology stack, and portfolio management. Advisors/firms can elect to use our platform or continue using their current resources and custodian(s).
Capital is difficult to secure and even more difficult to secure from an entity that understands private wealth management.
We can provide you with capital to acquire other firms to assist you in growing your business. We can also take on a minority position in your firm as a means to grow your firm; this approach can also provide you with a succession plan for when you're ready to retire.
If partnering with us to grow your book of business, receiving back and middle office help, and being a part of a growing firm is of interest to you, it is time well spent to contact us to discuss the opportunity we have to offer.

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