At Edwards Asset Management, our experienced advisors have served clients in Naples for over 30 years. Our team of 16 members, including eight (8) Financial Advisors and eight (8) client/advisor support members, is responsible for managing over $1.4 billion in client assets (as of January 31, 2023).
Our office manager has extensive experience, having previously served as a Wells Fargo Advisor branch manager in the Aventura, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami offices. We have access to the entire Wells Fargo home office team, inventories, products, and services, including a full compliment of lending and private banking services. We have an in-house portfolio manager has a strong track record of managing custom equity and bond portfolios for Wells Fargo Advisors across the US.
We provide our Financial Advisors with support from a team of professionals with CFA and CFP credentials and use robust planning software, all at no cost to the FAs or their clients.
Our beautiful 8,500 sq. ft. office atop an A-class building in Pelican Bay offers stunning views in every direction. We are expanding to a second branch (10,000 sf) taking the entire top floor of a tower in the Las Olas business district in Ft. Lauderdale, scheduled to open in June 2023. Our art-filled offices provide a comfortable and beautiful workspace for employees and visitors alike. It's a high level environment at the top of the market.
Our website is being rebuilt to support our advisors. We will be adding social media, with content for all our advisors and videos focused on them and their practice.

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