We are a fee-based RIA on Park Avenue in New York City providing investment management to high net worth households and family-owned businesses. We are part of an integrated wealth management firm that also offers tax/accounting and financial planning. More than 90% of our clients originate from the tax/accounting or financial planning practices. Our typical client has $1 to $5 million in AUM managed by us with net worth substantially greater than this.

Client portfolios are anchored by asset allocation models tailored to the risk level of each client. We complement these core portfolios with alternative investments in real estate, private debt, private equity, hedge fund strategies, and direct investments.

Financial planning is offered on a stand-alone basis separate from investment management under annual contracts payable quarterly. Similarly, tax and accounting maintains separate client relationships with investment management clients. The combination of investment management, financial planning, and investment management enables us to provide integrated financial advice that is particularly valuable to owners of businesses and multi-generational families.

We seek advisors and firms looking to grow their practices and move their practices up-market. We also offer the opportunity to free up advisors from operations and day-to-day investment management to focus primarily on client relationships.

We value the ability to engage in thoughtful, creative discussion of solutions for clients. Collaboration and team-work are central to our ethos. Liking the people we work with is an important reason we are at our firm.

We are flexible about work arrangements. We have advisors who are in the office regularly and advisors who work remotely most of the time.

Succession and equity opportunities are available to the qualified individuals. Growth of equity value and profit distributions are an important component of firm member compensation. We consider mergers and acquisitions only as a control investor.


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