I am seeking early retirement, and I require the buyer to be associated with Osaic Wealth.

My asking price is $160,000 in total, with only $80,000 payable in cash. This equates to a cash commitment of only 1.83 times the recurring revenue. The remaining $80,000 will be earned through a revenue share arrangement spread over 2-4 years. I am open to considering higher bids exceeding $80,000 in cash. With the structure I am proposing, I anticipate receiving a considerable number of offers.

Working together to transition clients key to this revenue share structure. I am fully committed to transitioning as many clients as possible to maximize the benefits of the revenue share, which is advantageous for both parties.
Since 2020, I have not actively pursued referrals or inquired about clients' external accounts, presenting a significant opportunity for the buyer. Client reviews predominantly occur via phone, with minimal Zoom meetings (approximately 5 last year), and no in-person meetings post-COVID, facilitating smooth client transitions for buyers nationwide.

I have not conducted reviews on life insurance or lump sum long-term care with my clients, representing untapped income potential. Additionally, I have fixed annuities maturing within the next 1-5 years, offering opportunities for money in motion.

My clients are very easy to work with and the advisory accounts are primarily comprising ETF Vanguard funds with a wrap fee. This model enhances revenue by reducing fees from the broker dealer platform and, concurrently, benefits the clients with lower fees.

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