We have three offices. We bought a small solo in Sandpoint ID as the advisor was retiring. We bought a large solo in Orange County CA. Poway CA is the headquarters. Buyout in progress 18 months in with 42 months to go. We are an ensemble financial planning firm. Everyone gets a plan. We then implement the investment recommendations and some insurance. Implementation of the model is in progress in Idaho and Orange County (SJC). We are dual registered through IFG and our own RIA which clears through Schwab. We currently have 15 people working in the practice with 6 CFP's. Some of the client service managers have a variety of licenses including 7,6 and insurance. We have an internal succession plan in progress. We have had a formal valuation done (David's spreadsheet from FP transitions). We want to continue to grow organically and strategically by adding other practices. We want to better develop the internal succession plan. We want the culture of the firm to be based on the planning model with implementation asset management and some insurance work. We do charge for the financial plan. Larry Steckler will be the point of contact for the engagement. I did meet David at the recent IFG conference in Vegas.

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