We are a Midwestern based RIA financial planning and coaching practice founded by two estate planning attorneys. We are looking to expand our geographic service area from coast to coast. We look to acquire additional offices and help advisers transition to retirement. We have 4 experienced advisers. We are also looking to expand and grow our existing business and improve the financial planning side of our client offering. We have staff to help support these associates. We also have a Tax Preparer available to help the firm provide tax advice to all clients and two highly experienced estate planning attorneys experienced in all areas of trust, insurance and transfer planning to compliment financial and retirement planning.

Our calling as a financial advisory firm is to help others understand the academic concepts and application of academic evidence to change their investing lives. We coach investors to apply the academic principles of the Efficient Market Hypothesis, Modern Portfolio Theory, and the Three Factor Model. In addition, we help clients understand that their own behavior can be the biggest challenge to successful investing. Behavior management by coaching cannot be done by computers, robots or machines alone, if one desires to achieve lifelong investing success.

We do not pretend to create alpha. We are a fiduciary with no broker dealer. We believe stock picking, market timing and forecasting in all forms are essentially gambling and speculation by another name. We follow academic based evidence investing and are committed to teaching others how to use institutional mutual funds for low fees to do the same to help families be successful investors.

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Or email us at ___ or ryan ___ to schedule a call or meeting.

We want to be a bridge to those advisers looking to retirement and give them a fair market value for the business they have built over their life time. Feel free to call us directly to confidentially discuss your situation and how we can help (___-___-____ (Dennis or Ryan)

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