$170MM AUM | $1.4MM GDC in Chappaqua, NY

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We might be a partner if:
○ You want 100% of the fees you generate
○ Enjoy Fidelity Investments as your custodian, with your own service team
○ You want to set up a retirement plan that can allow you to retire when you wish
○ You want to minimize the taxes you pay on your income-
○ In person or virtual practice platform in a high-end setting

We have been managing money for 25 years and are an award-winning SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm that offers our clients and our advisors white glove service. Our client-centric approach coupled with a technology forward thinking allows both our clients and advisors to stay connected with their financial lives from anywhere in the world.

Maybe you are an advisor who has grown tired of the sales pressure placed on you by big box broker/dealers, but have found that going independent would be a costly and difficult to handle on your own. Through onboarding multiple advisors, we have developed an easily adaptable program coupled with a competitive payout structure not often found in the industry. We are confident our programs will benefit both yourself and your clients' experience, while allowing you the freedom to grow your business at your own pace, with a reliable support staff.

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