100% fee based
Tiered fee 1.25% First 1 million and .99% above
Custodian: TD Ameritrade (technology integration with Fidelity, Schwab and Pershing)
CRM: Salesforce
Marketing Engine: Hubspot
100% Cloud based: Salesforce, Box, Cirrus, BaseCamp, Microsoft Office, Gmail, dialpad, Money Guide Pro
We have clients nationwide, in all but 6 states, and believe in the fiduciary model. Our clients have plans prior to onboarding and are updated quarterly with proactive out reach. Currently have 300 active households and use internal asset allocation models and third-party managers. Client registrations use a multimanager unified managed account structure. We have signal delivery relationships with over 50 diverse sub advisors.
Looking to buy or merge with other similar size, fee based and planning centric firms.
Benefit we are hoping to gain in a purchase or merger is: experienced manager roles, relationship managers and business development personal. We feel a reduction in duplicate cross role functions will make the combined firm more efficient and free up cash flow.
Hoping to grow/merge to a billion-dollar firm. We have a proven SEO, SEM marketing lead generation system to help support organic growth. Merged firms would benefit from the joint and targeted marketing. Be great to develop an internal training and recruiting system to support a strong sales/client service culture. I have a few skills sets and lack in many others. I am very interested in having an open, new idea, diverse management team that develops a fresh organization chart and future vision of the combined firms. I am very flexible and open minded towards a new firm centric opportunity.

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