McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management is a comprehensive wealth management firm. We provide objective counsel and act as fiduciaries for our clients so they can have the assurance and peace of mind that their wealth is being managed in their best interests. We employ risk management precepts as the predominant guide in our investment process.

McElhenny Sheffield has extensive successful direct investment management experience. Thus, the firm has the ability to offer individuals and institutions sophisticated investment strategies and wealth management solutions appropriate for complex and changing market environments. This ability to adapt to fast-changing markets and to meet the evolving needs of clients has been a hallmark of our organization since 2000. Our independent, disciplined, clearly defined, rules based investment philosophy helps drive our achievement of the competitive returns we seek for our clients.

Our firm belief is that it is critical to avoid material losses -all of our strategies were designed with this in mind. We strive to achieve consistent returns, not to simply “beat the market” on a short-term basis. We consider ourselves agnostic investors, as we are willing to scan the entire economic and market capitalization spectrum for potential investment positions. As a firm we do not have a mandate to remain fully invested nor do we have a mandate to own, or maintain, a position in any particu- lar sector. This agnostic approach keeps us from being conflicted by a long, equity only, bias.

We approach the investment process with four basic goals in mind; 1) fully understand the needs and objectives of our clients, 2) design a custom finanical plan that includes a diversified portfolio consistent with the client’s needs and objectives, 3) regularly review and optimize holdings based upon our analysis, and research, 4) approach everything we do with honesty and integrity. With expertise in cus- tomized portfolio management, financial and estate planning, retirement benefits consulting, risk management solutions and tax planning, McElhenny Sheffield provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing and building wealth.

McElhenny Sheffield are names from the family lineage of the firm’s principals. We take having our name on the door seriously. This means integrity and honesty – and that is what you can expect in all facets of your relationship with our company.

McElhenny Sheffield’s team of MBAs, Certified Financial Planners, and Chartered Financial Analysts is committed to providing sound and unbiased advice to help clients optimize their complete financial picture with a coordinated estate, investment and tax strategy.

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