I have been in business with my father for several years and represent the succession plan for book which is approximately $200,000,000.00AUM, of which I directly manage about $27,000,000.00 and co-manage approximately another $15,000,000.00. Having been in business for 34 years, my father's book is aging and consequently I intend to network with FAs who are interested in retirement or moving on and are in search of a quality buying team that will treat their clients with the utmost respect and offer excellent service.

Given that my partner is in the twilight of his career, I have great respect for the blood sweat and tears that sellers have invested in their life's work, and would strive to make the transition easy and confidence inspiring for the outgoing advisor and clients alike. I am currently 26 years old and expect to remain in the industry for at least the next 35 years so you can be confident that your clients and their second generation will be well cared for, and feel good about a long-term fit. Moreover, there's something to be said about the energy my youth brings to the table and the tenacity I would commit to keep your business in tact.

As of July 2018, I have personally engaged more than $5,150,000.00 in new business YTD. The majority of that has come from client referral. I am committed to doing a quality job for my clients and in turn I have been rewarded with new business opportunities by them. As far as I can tell, there is no greater barometer of client approval than their willingness to recommend members of their personal social networks to a young advisor. I hope that offers some context to the value I provide to my clients and their consequent recognition of quality results and service.

Don't hesitate to initiate conversation, I'm happy to entertain whatever opportunities may present themselves!

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