HFG is an RIA and Washington state-chartered trust company with nearly forty years of industry-leading experience. Our evolution over the years has been directed by a desire to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients and community. When our founder, Ty Haberling, saw that friends and family needed more than just investment advice, he founded HFG. When national banks flooded our region in the 1990s, we founded the first local bank in our community in over thirty years with the motto “Friends Banking on Friends”. And when clients came to us with estate planning needs, we built a trust company. Our story has been led by an entrepreneurial spirit and an innate duty to provide value to our clients. A duty and spirit we suspect you share with us.

Firm Details
• AUM: $1.3 Billion
• Total Clients: 1,400
• Headquarters: Kennewick, WA
• Offices: Kennewick WA, Lake Oswego OR, Roseburg OR, and Berkeley CA

Our Growth Goals
We are seeking partnerships with successful fee-based advisors in the western half of the United States through mergers and acquisitions. Our five-year plan is to grow to $3 Billion in AUM.

Our Investment Management Philosophy
Our investment committee constructs model portfolios underpinned by thoughtful diversification and risk mitigation in the pursuit of an exceptional investment experience. It means offering peace of mind because investors know that a transparent process backed by decades of research is powering every decision.

Our Guiding Principle
Our objective is to be our clients’ “Financial Partner for Life” within our fiduciary and fee-only business model. We do this by providing advice that is always in the best interests of the client and making bold organizational decisions when warranted. We went so far as to build our own trust company because we felt layering trust administration fees on top of investment management fees was the industry’s version of double-dipping and counter-productive to our clients.

Why Advisors are Partnering with HFG
It depends. Some desire more growth, want to create more freedom in their lives, and lessen day-to-day management responsibilities. Others wish to retire with the knowledge their clients are in capable hands. One reason we know for a fact is that HFG is uniquely positioned, compared to other RIAs, to handle the estate and financial planning needs of wealthy clients. A trust company gives advisors the toolkit needed to provide true value when preparing clients for the Great Wealth Transfer.

Partnership Advisor: Nicholas Haberling
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