HFG Trust is looking to partner with RIAs that share our commitment to clients, culture, and investment philosophy. We used to be an RIA, probably like yourself, but became a trust company after our clients expressed a compelling need for corporate trustee services. We have the same commitment to fee only fiduciary excellence as RIAs, just more tools at our disposal to help clients.

Over the past five years our industry has seen increasing consolidation, fueled by large aggregators, who are in turn supported by private equity firms. It’s difficult to imagine how adding a behind the scenes investor, three or four iterations removed, could help clients navigate their financial journey. We offer a better alternative. We are not beholden to outside investors. We view M&A as a true partnership and will be in the trenches with those who partner with us.

When you join HFG Trust, your clients have access to a suite of services that are uncommon in our industry. Additionally, HFG Trust advisors don’t have to worry about managing back office functions or marketing. We have systematic workflows and financial planning templates so you can focus your time on the client relationships that encouraged all of us to pursue this career in the first place. If you’re fortunate enough to be working with a team, we have defined career paths for all staff that join us.

Our Client Services
1. Wealth Management 2. 401(k) Services
3. Private Banking 4. Business Lending
5. Family Office 6. Personal Lending
7. Trust Services 8. Mortgage Lending

Services for Our Advisors
1. Offloading of administrative tasks 2. Portfolio management
3. Unified technology stack 4. Wealth planning and service teams
5. Marketing development and support 6. Robust custodian service
7. Transition support 8. Succession Planning

Our investment philosophy can be broken down to the following factors:
1. We do not bet on any sector 2. Uncorrelated asset classes
3. Low-cost and passive management 4. Globally diversified portfolios
5. Tilt to evidence-based factors

HFG Trust is a trust company in eastern Washington state that is a subsidiary of Community First Bank. HFG Trust has 10 Certified Financial Planners, two CFAs, and a CPA. We manage 900MM in AUM and our success is the result of the trust our clients place in us and the great work of our team. Community First Bank is a local bank of which Ty Haberling (Founder of HFG Trust) is a founder and board member. CFB is privately owned and committed to a 100 year plan for private board and employee ownership.

Our motto is to be our clients’ “Financial Partner for Life.” If you wish to take part in the future of financial planning, I encourage you to contact us.

Partnership Advisor: Nicholas Haberling
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