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Our objective in making an acquisition of a $25 to $150 million manager is to create an arrangement with which the seller is very satisfied, to take extremely good care of our new clients, and to expand the scale of our business. We are a fee-based, DFA-like shop looking nationwide. As a one-person firm run by Richard Baldwin, CFA, we can adapt to office location, systems used, custodians, and other unique elements of another business. If necessary, our strategic partner BAM Advisor Services can bring a wide range of robust capability (like a full bond trading desk and full 401(k) services) to the table. We are looking for a seller with whom Richard Baldwin has good rapport and a firm culture that is a match. We focus on high net worth families and related entities including endowments, foundations, and retirement plans and coordinate regularly with clients’ specialists (e.g., tax lawyers, accountants, etc…). We draw from experience, ongoing research, institutional investment principles, alignment of interests, tax-awareness, and well-developed client relationships to have insights and find solutions that give our clients confidence that they can meet their goals.

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