We provide full services array of solutions. With affiliated Accounting, Legal and other "professional partners" (in-house) we deliver dedicated and individualized financial services and resources to all our clients. As Advisors and Investment Managers, we operate in several capacities, but always in the best interest of our clients. Our team provides the highest standard of care while creating comprehensive investment and financial solutions. We are experienced, relationship driven, proprietary Investment Managers. We have clients in numerous states but we spend the most time in the Midwest and Southeastern states. Collaboration with other advisors is critical to our relationship building and client service model.

I am in search of acquisition(s) or being catalyst for a "structured succession plan" for retiring advisors or advisors who seek a continuity plan. My professional experiences lend to understanding an advisor/owner's motivations. We emphasize the importance of the client and advisor in any purchase or continuity plan.... and are sensitive to both and adamant about making a good deal and transition!

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