If you want a partner behind the scenes to help you manage your client's portfolios for you so you can market an attract new clients based on performance of the allocations, we are your team to work with. You engage the client and continue your relationships by marketing and all your effect daily process to gather new assets. We are your team to work with to growth your AUM with our allocation strategies using low cost investment products. The cost is less than any other portfolio manager.

I am a AIF, IAR, OSJ office. My practice will help you diversify and allocate your portfolios for better performance. I am not a recruiter but the owner of the practice. I have over 25 years of experience at the age of 51 with a least another 18 to 20 more years of work.

If would like to talk. Please call my cell phone at ___-___-____ and I look forward to talk with you or your organization.

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