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$10MM AUM | $150,000 GDC in Clifton Park, NY

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65% Comm
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Clifton Park, NY, US
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I am a New York State attorney licensed since 1998 and a CFP® practitioner since 2002, and with securities and life, health, and accident licensure since the mid-90s. I am the managing partner of a small boutique financial firm having three partners currently.
I wish to expand my financial practice in two ways: 1 – Through focused marketing and communication of my firm’s value in providing fee-based financial plans and investment services to my current clientele. 2 – Through merger or acquisition of a financial practice.
Ideally, a merger would involve me working closely with a new partner who would like to enhance his or her transactional or investment management practice by adding in services he or she does not currently offer, such as fee-based comprehensive financial planning. As a part of financial planning, clients would have their own “Personal Financial Websites” developed.
An acquisition would involve me buying out a practice and likewise finding a way to provide enhancements to current services offered in an effort to retain clients through the transition period and beyond.
We feel we are prepared to weather any changes that the DOL Fiduciary rules will bring to our practice.
Finally, please note that the combined AUM of the practice is significantly more than my own personal production published in this listing.

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