Hybrid RIA with locations in Weatherford, Fort Worth, and Lubbock, TX looking for continued growth in the western half of the state. All of our advisors are CFP practitioners, and our financial planning process is very robust - we are a "planning first" firm that prioritizes client experience.

We understand that as a mid-size boutique firm, we are at somewhat of a disadvantage from a pricing, regulatory, and scale standpoint compared to our $1.0B+ peers. From an operations standpoint, the size of our business is significant enough to have big firm obstacles, but not quite big enough to have all the big firm solutions - at least not at a reasonable price. We do not want to, or shall we say we refuse to, join up with a national or out-of-state firm. We are Texas proud and want to stay that way, so we are looking for other firms in Texas with similar values, particularly those west of I-35, to explore M&A options together. We are interested in acquisitions, merging in solo practitioners / partnerships, and providing long or short-term transition options for advisors nearing retirement.

We have a strong infrastructure in place with our technology and processes. We have great bench strength within our team with seasoned advisors and several very talented young advisors that are eager to be part of a succession plan. Our talent pipeline is steady with very strong connections to both the Texas Tech and Texas A&M Financial Planning programs. The blue print is here - let's build it together!

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