You've poured your heart and soul into your business. Early mornings. Late nights. Long weekends. Building a successful practice that serves your clients' best interests by safeguarding their hard-earned wealth. But just who is looking out for your best interests? It’s a question that gets asked far too infrequently.

Perhaps you’re a financial professional working within a larger organization, committed to the belief that your client relationships should belong to you rather than the broker-dealer, and yearning to break free from overly restrictive operational controls and prescriptive product sales expectations. Or maybe you’ve already made the move to independence, but are searching for a way to reignite growth that’s plateaued due to capacity restraints or operational inefficiencies.

At Aurora Private Wealth, our singular focus is on providing you with the resources, technology, insights, support and expertise not only to realize your vision of what your business can become, but to help you unlock the value of your most important asset: YOU. Here you’ll find an aggregator where the ultimate acquisition of your business is but one of many options,; but by no means a necessity.

It’s your name, your vision and your practice. Aligning with APW simply affords you an opportunity to build it more quickly, operate it more efficiently, and manage it more profitably. After all, independence shouldn’t mean isolation.

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