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I own and run a Michigan based RIA. I've been in the industry since 1983 when I started at EF HUTTON. I moved to Merrill Lynch and took an unpaid leave of absence in 1988 to be the GOP Nominee for the US Congress.

After I returned I moved to Kemper Securities. I then decided in 1994 to go Independent and have been with four different clearning firms.

I authored my book "Scott Schultz's Guide to Closed End Funds", Barringer Publishing in 2010. My Firm specializes in Separately Managed Accounts (SMA's) comprised mostly of closed end funds (CEF's).

From 1999-2004 we earned 4 Five Star Rankings from Morningstar's Principia for Separately Managed Accounts. From that same time period we earned the #1 ranking from Nelson's Worlds Best in several of their categories. Also, we earned the #1 Top Gun from the current INFORMA, but FORMERLY Effron PSN in the same time period.

USA TODAY featured us as the #1 SMA Firm in from 1999-2002. Performance #'s were GIPS AUDITED and VERIFIED by the former Ashland Partners. We managed $43 MM in AUM at our peak along with 15 different 1099 employees.

I am licensed with the Srs., 63, 65, 7, 24. We are licensed in Florida as well. Our AUM is low due to a variety of personal reasons thus these matters are now resolved and would like to not rely on 'our organic' growth. We do not have any significant commission based production. AND, we do NOT do any insurance business.

In short, we seek growth through acquisition, merger, or purchase with serious RIA's to benefit from the benefits of 'scale'. Our software, hardware, media, HARD COSTS, Compliance, etc., are now FIXED and ESTABLISHED. This said, 'plug in' additions would fit nicely in our matrix. Thank you.

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