RIA firm: We focus on comprehensive retirement/legacy planning, both for individuals and through company qualified plans. Individual plan implementation includes the use of third party money managers (combining strategic and tactical styles primarily through the Envestnet platform) and the use of insurance products as appropriate to accomplish long-term care solutions and legacy objectives. Company plans utilize any of the leading vendors with our focus on ensuring (1) that the company fiduciary duties are handled and documented properly and (2) that the plan participants receive ongoing quality education and direction so they can retire successfully and on time.

Our goal is to merge with another advisor or acquire practice of retiring advisor who is in the process of advance planning and wishes to remain in the practice for up to five more years to assure a successful transition of their clients. We would anticipate that the first several months of the relationship would be 'exploratory' - with an escape clause for both parties - such that the advisor would feel confident that clients would be well served in the new relationship ... and we can be confident that the clients have received quality advice and service in the past.

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