We are an expanding independent insurance agency located within and owned by a bank. We have several branches located throughout the State of Kansas and into Nebraska. We are pursuing the purchase of an agency that has good management, and similar values as our own to purchase and continue to grow with. Ideally we would be searching for an owner that is nearing retirement and looking for a succession plan and cash flow. We would be very open to the idea of the agency manager/owner staying present in the agency for as long as possible and can provide the backroom support, accounting services, and on call agents that a smaller staffed agency would struggle with. We are also looking to expand our company offerings by purchasing an agency that has attractive company contracts that are sometimes hard to obtain. Companies of interest include EMC, Nationwide, etc. We are very experienced in crop insurance and have agents on staff that could offer processing services to any branch location. If we would purchase your agency we would want it to be as seamless as possible with very little interruption for the customer's.

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