Affinity Advisory Network is a multi-disciplinary professional network. We are and FMO, RIA, Insurance Agency, and tax Practice, we are partnered with 28 law firms across 38 states. We are located in Canton Ohio and work with independent Agents/Advisors to grow their business. What makes us unique is that we assign a team of business consultants to each rep that we work with. That team is made up of a daily operations manager, a copywriter, ad director, data and analytics manager and a nation sales director. We look at the business completely different than any other FMO in the country. We don't throw advisors against the wall to see who sticks. We are not made up of thousands of agents/Advisors. We are a Boutique FMO/RIA formed to create real value and lasting relationships that add profit to the bottom-line for our advisor partners. We are looking for other like minded individuals that would like to become part of our group through informal partnership, mergers or acquisition.

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