We are an independent agency that is extraordinarily niche driven. We focus on 7 specific industry niches, and with the exception of one niche (restaurants/hospitality), all of the niches are fleet-driven from a premium and exposure standpoint. We are known for our knowledge of the transportation industry, with one owner having a law degree, and other members of management having various levels of direct transportation-industry experience. We are looking to acquire or find smaller candidates that are willing to merge with our firm in order to diversify our book of business. Ideally we want to find firms which will be stronger with our premium, support and infrastructure. We will entertain any firm that has a commitment to excellence and which has good, solid relationships and direct appointments with preferred markets/carriers. We will entertain firms which have strong books of personal lines but will not entertain non-standard business. Ideally, firms which have books of commercial lines business and which have focused on certain classes of business or which have a level of expertise when it comes to a certain industry are preferred.

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