Series 3 & 65 - Experienced Commodity Trading Advisor, Product Mgr, Risk Mgr, and Financial Services Mgr - Seeking Investment Advisory Career

In 2017, my long-time employer underwent a significant restructuring. I learned a great deal and made many friendships in a 10 year career with one of the largest FX brokers on the sell-side. However, I was ready for a change and reflection, and I took it as an opportunity to take a sabbatical.

I strongly desire a career where I can maximize my talents and life experiences in service to others. I have always wanted to help people safeguard and grow their investments. Over the past year, I studied and passed the Series 65 examination and joined XY Planning Network for 4 months. I learned a great deal about myself and the RIA channel through this experience. Most importantly, I learned that I missed being a contributor on a team of highly motivated and skilled individuals in pursuit of a shared goal.

I do not have an existing book of business. I do have a loving family, grit, experience, and love of wisdom in all things. I managed a commodity pool for 7 years using an algorithmic trading system I put together based on my experience trading the securities, futures, OTC FX for more than 20 years. I served thousands of clients starting entry level and establishing myself as a key manager for the leading US broker in the high stakes spot FX world. I have a unique perspective on risk and risk management due to this.

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