For majority of my 30 yr career of providing holistic Investment and Tax planning services, my Independent RIA firm has focused on the business owner market. My focus has been to provide exceptional value via advanced planning strategies and supplemental concierge level services to a point where my clients rely on me for every financial decision they make as their trusted advisor above and beyond others.

Early in my career I was a MASSIVE P&C insurance producer, then evolved into a very successful Life/Annuity producer while acquiring every single Insurance, Investment and wealth management license and designation to today being a Private Wealth Management firm serving affluent clients with complex Investment and Tax planning needs across the country and a few international clients.

My focus now is to acquire and or merge any size firm into my structure to offer the acquired clients a more full service experience. Ideal target firm can be an Insurance agency, 401(k) or other qualified plan offering firm and other RIA organizations. If you have a CPA firm, that may work very well within my firm structure since I have been expanding into providing tax preparation services gradually over the years and now I want to make it an official service on our platform.

Firm owners and advisors looking to retire within 10 years upon getting acquired can maintain their autonomy in servicing clients as they have up to this point while bringing tremendous value to these existing relationships.

My code of ethics includes:
Full Transparency
Commitment to customer service
Highest quality of advice
Fairness in all my dealings
Fear God while serving humanity to the best of my blessed abilities.

I am very confident that you will find what you are looking for since my focus will be to attentively listen to your needs and future vision of your firm and legacy that you wish to evolve into.

Sales price generally is not the most important aspect of these types of transactions since there is an immeasurable emotional investment of time and energy from you; my goal is to provide you the best possible combination of all the ingredients for a smooth transition for the benefit of all parties involved.

Please contact me today since I will do everything in power to provide the perfect new home for your clients that you are envisioning.


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