We are an independent investment advisory firm that has been serving clients for over 45 years. We provide portfolio management to individuals (personal accounts, IRAs, trusts) and institutions (profit sharing plans, endowments, charitable organizations). The majority of our clients have ties to Wisconsin but today are located across the United States. We are "active" investors, seeking out investments that are underappreciated by the market, exhibit specific catalysts or capture long-term secular growth themes. We favor companies that have durable earnings and that have a history of paying above average and growing dividends. In general, we invest in individual stocks and bonds, though we may use ETFs or mutual funds where they offer diversified exposure to a particular theme or sector that is otherwise difficult to access.

Today our firm is comprised of a father/son team that works together to research investments, actively manage portfolios, and respond to client needs, while also attending to all of the back office, IT and compliance activities required to operate the business. While the firm functions smoothly today, we recognize the difficulties that might ensue if one of us were not able to perform any of these myriad tasks. By way of contingency planning and preparing for long-term continuity, we would like to explore the opportunities/benefits that might come with partnering with a like-minded firm or individual advisor. In an ideal scenario, we would seek to add capacity to our back-office operations, our ability to attract new clients, and our ability to source and vet new investment ideas.

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