I'm a 39 year old certified financial planner born and raised in the Lansdale and Doylestown area with 18 years of experience in the investment and planning industry. I'm currently a senior level Planner with a local RIA and exploring opportunities involving a partner or succession relationship with an established advisor or firm that shares my vision and values.

I currently do comprehensive financial planning and investment management for a diverse client base throughout the country ranging from ultra-high net worth to younger high earning planning only clients. As you would expect in this geographical area, many of my clients are or were C suite executives in the pharma industry but that demographic is starting to shift.

Besides my client responsibilities I have a lot of experience evaluating new software, training employees, implementing new workflows and business development. I'm also on the board of a local chapter industry association.

My clients are clients of the firm so I’m not able to bring a book of business. My employment agreement does allow me to pay for clients if they follow me but I think it’s best to exclude this as a possibility in any discussions.

I apologize for not providing more specific information but because of my search being so local I’d like to stay anonymous for the time being.

Let me know if you’re interested in continuing this conversation or have any questions. Since this is my first message with Succession Link, if you’re so inclined, I’d be interested in hearing any feedback about my proposal.

Thanks for your time.

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