***Call me at (___-___-____ after reading this...***

We are one of the top holistic financial planning, insurance, and wealth management firm on Long Island with over 165 full-time advisors and counting. We have 2 core agencies in Syosset, and Hauppauge, as well as smaller satellite agencies in Long Island, Queens, Manhattan.

***We are looking to purchase, finance, support, have you merge your practice, and/or your team into our firm. Every Adviser that I/we met, who had 3-35+ years of experience all told us that they are:

1. Worried about: Acquiring New Clients. Their current clients are getting older. And acquiring new younger clientele is very challenging.

2. Frustrated that: their expenses are increasing, or the time spent on their client is increasing, which is in turn shrinking their profit margin % wise. And their clients are becoming more cost conscious than ever before.

3. Angered that their current BD/RIA/Insurance Company promised them specific solutions to their worries, concerns, and fears. However those solutions were never provided. Or provided just enough to keep them there.

***Imagine if all those worries, concerns and frustrations can be solved. Your business can now operate at it's full potential. Your profit margin is now moving in the right direction. Your business/client book increases in value and to a point where you are actually receiving a multiple of it vs. having to discount it if you'd like to TRULY retire someday?***

***Imagine receiving 100% of your previous 3 year average production up front, a 70, 80, 90 percent payout based on premium and GDC/GDR. And if you have a team, we can provide the same for each member who has more than 3 years of experience. With additional up-front bonuses, overrides, and year end bonus based on goal achievement to the team leader. And he/she can disperse as they see fit. Would that help retain your key jr. advisers in the group?

***What if you had an endless stream of new young clients who are loyal to you because of the unique value you and your practice provide them? And those new clients are being serviced by new jr. advisers that were trained, developed, and supervised for you?***

And suppose you have the flexibility and advantages of being an independent firm, while having all the benefits of working with a Fortune 500 company?

We as a firm in its entirety, are looking to develop into a multi-dimensional full financial services practice encompassing ALL of the Critical Departments Needed, such as: Tax Preparation, Legal Docs, Estate & Trusts + Elder Care Law, Commercial + Personal P&C, and Payroll. (In fact, our corporate HQ signed a contract with Liberty Mutual for personal P&C lines so our advisor's who have a P&C license, can provide personal auto, home, umbrella to our clients.

The landscape of financial services is changing faster than we can keep up. Fact: By 2025, it is estimated that over 17 million people will be using "robo-advisers" to invest their money and provide financial advice.

If you'd like to have a brief 5 minute one on one chat to see how our two worlds might fit, then please call my work mobile at: (___-___-____. Worst case scenario is we just open the door to a new business relationship for the future.

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