I would like the opportunity to speak with you about your practice and what you wish to accomplish with it.

I understand that this is more than a business transaction. It is about preserving the legacy of trust you have built with your clients. A succession plan that properly compensates you and your family after decades of hard work. Our team would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about your business, personal goals and potential concerns.

Below please find some information about our team:
- Experience - We have successfully transitioned five businesses, with two in the past 12 months.
- Recognition - We have been recognized as Best in State by Forbes in 2021 and over the years locally by Crain’s Detroit Business, Hour Detroit and dbusiness.
- Financial Security - The knowledge that the monetary element is backed by a Fortune 500 Company.
- Tax Advantage – 95 Percent Capital Gains treatment.
- Adaptability – Our seven-person team is separated by 4 decades in age. Which means that we the experience of communicating with Baby Boomers, Millennials and every demographic in between. For your clients they will know that you have chosen a team that they will not outlive.

I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about your practice and to see if we are a fit for each other.

Thank you for your time.

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